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Scope of BS Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s IT sector is rapidly growing and has doubled in size over the past 4–5 years. There are now over 2000 IT companies and call centers in the country, with their numbers increasing annually. Pakistan is looking to the development of new tech zones to create job opportunities for its young population. The scope of BS Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan is also substantial, offering a wide range of opportunities in the field.

The scope of BS AI has immense potential to transform various industries in Pakistan. That’s why many students choose to study AI every year. Numerous businesses in the country are eager to explore AI’s possibilities and how it can revolutionize our lives and interactions with modern technology. AI can enhance decision-making by offering accurate and current data.

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The World Report estimates the global AI Software market share to be around $126 billion by 2025, as it is continuously growing. Its applications include machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation.

With its growing need and application, it has broadened the horizon of opportunities. Before exploring its scope in the global and Pakistan-specific digital spaces.

Just like we’ve built virtual worlds through social media, eCommerce, and mobile commerce, artificial intelligence is also becoming a substitute for human intelligence.

But its purpose is not to replace humans; instead, it’s designed to help us with tasks and simplify our lives. It’s a significant advancement in software development.

let’s discuss the BS Artificial Intelligence Salary in Pakistan.

BS Artificial Intelligence Salary in Pakistan

A person working as Artificial Intelligence Developer in Pakistan typically earns around 100,700 PKR. Salaries range from 48,800 PKR (lowest) to 147,000 PKR (highest).

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan

Salary Variance

The average salary for an Artificial Intelligence Developer in Pakistan includes housing, transportation, and other benefits.

However, the actual salary can vary significantly depending on factors like experience, skills, gender, and location. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown considering various criteria.

Salary Range, Minimum Wage, and Starting Salary

In Pakistan, Artificial Intelligence Developers can earn anywhere between 50,800 PKR (as a starting salary) to 150,000 PKR (as the maximum salary).

It’s important to understand that these figures are not the legally required minimum wage. Instead, they are based on a salary survey with thousands of participants and professionals from all across the country.

Average Salary

The median salary for Artificial Intelligence Developers in Pakistan is 90,700 PKR. This means that half of the professionals in this field earn less than this amount, while the other half earn more.

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If you want to be in the group with higher earnings, you’d aim to be on the right side of the salary distribution graph, where salaries are above the median value.

Percentiles and Salary Scale

The average is connected to two other values called the 25th and 75th percentiles. Looking at the salary distribution chart for Artificial Intelligence Developers in Pakistan, we find that 25% of professionals earn less than 72,400 PKR, while 75% earn more.

Likewise, the chart indicates that 75% earn less than 99,800 PKR, while 25% earn more.

Pay-Per-Scale Structure

To give you a better idea of the expected salaries, we divided the frequently occurring salaries for the job title Artificial Intelligence Developer in Pakistan into different ranges. This method provides a more accurate picture of the salary distribution compared to just calculating the average.

Around 65% of reported salaries fall within the range of 56,100 PKR to 77,600 PKR. About 20% of salaries are below 56,100 PKR, while 10% fall between 77,600 PKR to 87,300 PKR. Only 5% of individuals have salaries that exceed 87,300 PKR.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once a time subject of Computer science, Artificial intelligence, which started as a way to simplify tasks and mimic human actions, has now spread throughout the entire universe.

It’s transforming the way professionals handle various tasks in IT, telecom, science, and innovation. AI’s goal is to tackle human-dependent problems that don’t involve just numbers. It’s turning human capabilities into computer-based abilities.

Artificial intelligence means machines, like computers, acting like humans by thinking and making decisions. It involves digital computers or robots doing things smart beings can do. Some specific applications of AI are machine vision, speech recognition, expert systems, and understanding human language.

Scope of BS AI in Pakistan

Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly worldwide, but we have been falling behind in this area for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that our software industry hasn’t grown enough to attract and train talented individuals to excel in this field.

Instead, the industry relies on academia, which is still teaching outdated concepts and technologies in undergraduate courses. To advance AI in Pakistan, individuals, groups, or startups may have to take the initiative to learn new technologies, innovate software, and create groundbreaking applications voluntarily.

If you’re considering a career in artificial intelligence in Pakistan and worried about its future, don’t be! The scope of AI in Pakistan is very promising and in high demand. Numerous startups in the country are working on AI-based products and solutions, creating a strong demand for AI experts.

AI is being used in various industries, including healthcare, education, and transportation. Companies in Pakistan are actively seeking talented individuals to take their businesses to the next level. Having a degree in AI is a smart choice, as it opens up countless job opportunities with competitive salaries and a bright future. So, the scope of artificial intelligence in Pakistan is indeed high, in demand, and a trending field.

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Jobs of artificial intelligence in Pakistan

If you are interested in artificial intelligence, it will surely open tons of job opportunities for individuals. Some of these job opportunities include:

  • Data scientists
  • Robotics engineer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Computer vision engineer
  • Natural language processing engineer
  • Business intelligence developer
  • Big data engineer or architect
  • Data developer
  • Data analyst
  • Research scientist
  • And much more

Top Universities started AI in Pakistan

Amidst the global changes, Pakistan’s leading universities have ventured into AI by establishing knowledge centers. It all began with the establishment of a national center for artificial intelligence, inspiring other universities to follow suit. These centers now offer a fantastic platform for youth to learn and work in the AI domain.

  • National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
  • Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
  • University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore
  • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
  • Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT)
  • Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi
  • Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI)
  • National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES)
  • NED University of Engineering and Technology
  • Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) Islamabad

These universities are contributing to the development of the AI ecosystem in Pakistan. There are startups focusing on computer vision, game playing, language processing, robotics, voice recognition, expert systems, and lots of other concepts.

It is a fast-growing industry in Pakistan, and the youth have a lot to explore. Being a developing country, there are a great number of opportunities to unleash.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

There are different types of artificial intelligence, which can be divided into three main categories. These include:

  • Robotics is the process where artificial intelligence is used to create and control robots. It can include industrial robots, which can be used in servicing, or manufacturing robots, which can also be used in healthcare systems.
  • Business intelligence is the process by which artificial intelligence is used to make better business decisions. This may include analyzing data or using predictive analysis to forecast future trends.
  • Automation is the process of using artificial intelligence to complete tasks that can normally be performed by humans.

Best Trending AI Marketing Tools in Pakistan

In Pakistan, many digital marketers, SEO experts, and content writers are providing their services to clients both locally and globally.

As AI technology develops, it’s becoming a part of digital marketing too. Marketers can now use various AI-powered tools to make their tasks easier, get things done quickly, and be more productive. Here are some of the popular AI applications currently trending in the digital marketing space:

1. ChatGPT

It’s an AI-powered language tool that lets users chat with it like they’re talking to a person. You can ask it to do tasks, answer questions, write emails, blogs, essays, or even code. It follows instructions and can summarize, rewrite, or generate ideas.

In Pakistan and worldwide, marketing professionals are excited to have this tool to speed up routine tasks. It may change how we used to spend hours writing emails, proposals, articles, or web content. However, it’s still being tested, and we’re eager to see how it benefits humanity in the future.


It’s a more advanced version of the usual word processor. With AI technology, it comes with cool features like auto-correction, auto-complete, and checkers to spot grammar and clarity problems.

3. Zapier

Digital marketing may require the use of multiple tools. With Zapier, these can be connected to saving cost, time, and effort. Get all things done with one app.


Despite significant advancements in AI, Pakistan still has a long way to go to gain global recognition for coding tools and gadgets powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality.

As mentioned in the post, there are successful startups making life easier for professionals in education, healthcare, and digital marketing. However, we shouldn’t stop there, as there’s much more to achieve.

We should focus on building solutions for our specific problems instead of relying solely on AI products designed for general or global use. The scope of artificial intelligence in Pakistan is promising, so computer science graduates should consider gaining hands-on experience in this field.

There’s great potential for growth and success in the AI domain, and we can contribute to its development on both local and global levels.


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