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How to Clear Flutter Build Cache in App – Clean Flutter Cache

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In this post we will demonstrate various techniques ways to clear flutter build cache. With build-cache, your project has a much bigger project size, so it is best to clear flutter cache programmatically while transferring. You can also clear cache in flutter if the most recent configuration is not being used.

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The Cache is nothing more than system-generated temporary files located in the iOS, Android, and Dart-tools folders. This temporary file will be deleted by the Clear Command, and these files will automatically be added to the project when it is launched by the user. So how to clear Flutter’s build cache is our focus for today flutter error handling.

What is future of Flutter Developer?

The preferred mobile app development platform for programmers worldwide is quickly evolving into Flutter. It is not surprising that Flutter is growing in favor in the world of mobile app developers given its quick development time, flexible UI toolkit, and capacity to build high-performance apps for both Android and iOS. Flutter is the future of mobile app development for the following five reasons:

Faster Development Time

The “hot reload” feature of Flutter’s framework enables programmers to swiftly make changes and observe the effects in real-time. As a result, developers can test and iterate their code much more quickly, cutting down on development time and improving workflows.

Cross-Platform Support

Flutter gives developers the flexibility to create apps for both the Android and iOS platforms utilizing a single codebase. By doing this, you not only save time and money, but you also guarantee a consistent user experience on both platforms.

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Flexible UI Toolkit

Flutter’s UI toolkit, sometimes known as “widgets,” enables programmers to simply and quickly construct stunning user experiences that may be customized. Because the widgets may be altered, developers can make special styles that complement their brands and certain app needs.

High-Performance Apps

Flutter’s quick rendering engine and optimized widgets enable developers to make high-performance apps that function effectively and without lag even on older devices.

Growing Community

The developer community for Flutter is expanding quickly, and members are actively adding new plugins and packages to the framework.

Method 1: Clean Flutter Cache Using CMD Command Terminal

Open terminal at the location of your project root folder to clean flutter web cache, and use the command below:

flutter clean

The output on which is display on terminal:

PS C:\clean_flutter_apps_cache\testingapp> flutter clean
Deleting build… 784ms
Deleting .dart_tool… 10ms
Deleting .packages… 1ms
Deleting Generated.xcconfig… 15ms
Deleting… 15ms
Deleting ephemeral… 1ms
Deleting ephemeral… 12ms
Deleting ephemeral… 1ms

This flutter clean command will remove few temporary folders, specially “build/“, “.dart_tools/” and “.packages/“.

Method 2: How to Clear Cache in Flutter Android Studio

So in this method we will show the way to clear flutter build cache using android studio

  • Go to Tools > Flutter > Flutter Clean to clear the build cache of the Flutter project

In this way, you can clear the flutter build cache from project with these two easy methods.

Conclusion: Future of Flutter Developer

The future of mobile app development is with Flutter quick development times, cross-platform support, customizable UI toolkit, high-performance apps, and expanding community. Developers will need to find ways to produce high-quality apps rapidly and effectively as the market for mobile apps expands. The solution to this problem is Flutter, which we anticipate will be used by even more developers and businesses in the upcoming years.

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