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Best Orbeez Gun
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Best Orbeez Guns in 2023 (For Huge and Ultimate Blast)

What is the Best Orbeez Gun?

Orbeez are small, colorful water-absorbing polymer balls that are commonly used in sensory play and various craft activities. They start as tiny hard pellets and grow many times their size when soaked in water. Kids and Young often enjoy the tactile experience of playing with Best Orbeez Gun.

Toy guns, on the other hand, come in various forms and designs, such as Nerf guns, water guns, or foam dart blasters, and are popular toys for imaginative play and outdoor activities.

If “Orbeez guns” refers to a toy gun that shoots or launches Orbeez, it might be a product that combines the fun of Orbeez play with the action of a toy gun. However, since my information is not up-to-date, I recommend searching for the term online to see if any specific products or information have become available after my last update.

Always ensure that any toy guns or products are age-appropriate and safe for use, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety instructions.

I’ve spent a lot of time having fun with most powerful best orbeez gun battles, and I can say that not all Orbeez guns are the same. Some are just basic toys, but others are incredibly cool and can change the game. Lucky for you, I’m here to help you find the very best Orbeez shooting gun that you can get!

Best Orbeez Guns to Buy

1. UnlocX Orbeez Blaster Gun – Powerful Best Orbeez Gun

The UnlocX Orbeez Gel Blaster is a cool and versatile toy gun that shoots Orbeez. What’s really awesome about it is that it has four different play modes all in one gun: rifle, blaster, assault, and pistol.

It can shoot Orbeez balls really far and really fast – up to 11 gel balls per second at 200 feet per second! And guess what? It’s fully automatic, so you can keep shooting by just holding down the trigger.

The best part is that it comes with a powerful rechargeable battery and a simple USB charging port, so you can easily charge it up and play with your friends and family for hours of fun!


  • I tried the UnlocX Orbeez Gel Blaster, and it was so much fun! The gun looks cool and feels strong.
  • The best Orbeez Gun part is, it has different modes that you can switch between easily. I started with the pistol mode, and it was comfortable to hold.
  • When I started shooting, wow, it was fast! The blaster shoots up to 11 gel balls per second, and it’s powerful!
  • I could hit targets from far away, and the different modes gave me unique experiences. It was awesome!
  • I also liked that the gel ammo is eco-friendly and doesn’t make a mess when it bursts on contact. It’s safer than airsoft guns and doesn’t hurt as much.
  • The battery lasted a long time, which was great. The only downside was that it took a while to recharge. But overall, it was a total blast!


  • Four different modes of play for versatile gameplay.
  • Shoots gel balls at a blazing speed of up to 11 balls per second.
  • Environmentally friendly with non-toxic gel ammo that doesn’t make a mess.
  • Rechargeable 7.4V 1800mAh battery saves money on disposable batteries.
4-in-1 design for different ways to play.Longer charging time when compared to other models.
Convenient USB charging with a long-lasting battery.Battery Performance not good.
Full-auto mode for non-stop fun.
Shoots fast and far for thrilling action.

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2. ChelSOND JifTOK Orbeez Gun (Amazing Gun)

ChelSOND JifTOK gets an amazing upgrade with a new body made of ABS and Nylon. ABS is super tough and can handle impacts, heat, and chemicals, making it perfect for a toy gun that might face all kinds of conditions.

Nylon is light and flexible, making the gun more comfortable to hold and easier to move around with.

Safety is a top priority with this product. It has a safety switch to control firing and prevent accidental shots. Plus, it comes with safety goggles to protect your eyes during play.

You can switch between two modes for different shooting styles. In semi-automatic mode, you shoot one round with each trigger pull, allowing for precise shots. In automatic mode, you can fire a continuous stream of rounds easily. It’s perfect for any kind of gameplay you prefer!

This unit is awesome when it comes to how many rounds it can hold – from 1500 to 2000 rounds! You won’t need to reload often, so you can keep the battle going for a long time. It makes the game more fun and action-packed!


  • The ChelSOND JifTOK has a new gearbox that shoots super fast – 400 to 600 rounds per minute! With this rapid rate of fire, battles become thrilling and intense.
  • It adds excitement to your gameplay and lets you have fast-paced battles.


  • Silent operation when not shaken: The gun is quiet when not in use, so it won’t make noise unintentionally.
  • Long-lasting battery: The battery lasts a long time, so you can play for hours before needing to recharge.
  • Suitable for kids aged 10-13: It’s designed for kids between the ages of 10 and 13, so it’s safe and fun for that age group.
  • Includes drum mag funnel and gel balls: The gun comes with a drum magazine funnel and gel balls, making it ready to use right out of the box.
It won’t make noise when you’re not using it.Small magazine capacity, so you’ll need to reload often.
It’s great for carrying your Pokémon cards around.No switch to silence the phone while it’s in the case.
The case is tough and won’t break easily.Screen protector may not allow clear visibility.
It keeps your phone safe and secure.Hard-to-use button pads for volume and power control.
It includes everything you need to start playing right away.
It’s made for kids between 10 and 13 years old, so it’s safe and fun for them.

3. SplatRball SRB1200 – M416 Orbeez Gun with Drum Magazine

The SplatRball SRB1200 is a cool water bead toy gun that shoots Orbeez or Splat balls. It’s fully automatic, firing 11 rounds per second at 210 feet per second.

The gun is made of strong materials, with a body made of ABS and Nylon. It looks futuristic with blue LED lights on both sides.


  • Comes with 1,200 water gel balls
  • Shoots at 210 feet per second
  • Fires 11 rounds per second
  • Fully automatic shooting
  • Holds up to 1,200 water gel balls in the drum


  • Shoots 11 rounds per second in full-auto mode for exciting gameplay.
  • Holds 1,200 water gel balls, so no need to reload often.
  • Includes safety glasses,
  • collapsible easy-loading funnel, and water ball-activated target, making it a perfect gift for water bead blaster fans.
Big magazine holds 1,200 water beads for lots of playtime.Water beads can sometimes get stuck or jammed in the magazine.
Includes safety glasses, collapsible funnel, and target for everything you need.Accuracy may suffer at longer distances due to the spread of the water beads.
Cool LED lights on both sides of the gun.
Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 5,000 shots.
Shoots super fast – 11 rounds per second – for fun gameplay.

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4. Fluorspar blaster LED FRB-360 Best Orbeez Gun

Let’s talk about the Fluorspar blaster LED FRB-360 – it looks so cool! The shell is see-through and glows brightly, and it even has LED lights that flash along with your shots!

The best part is, it shoots the Orbeez at a super fast speed of 160 feet per second (FPS). That means it’s accurate and can hit targets far away – up to 80 feet!

With this blaster, you’ll have a blast during battles or games, and you can take out opponents from a distance without getting hit yourself. It’s an awesome weapon to use and watch in action!


  • Easily remove the battery and recharge it, so you don’t need disposable batteries.
  • Never run out of power during battles – just charge and play!
  • A hassle-free solution that’s better for the environment. Always ready for the next skirmish.


  • Shoots Orbeez at a speedy 160 feet per second (FPS).
  • The high velocity ensures better accuracy and a longer shooting distance.
  • Perfect for intense battles, giving you an advantage over opponents.
Suitable for backyard fun, “tag,” and plinking activities.Occasional clogging, but easy to unclog
Super easy to use, even for a 3-year-old.Pellets may get hang, requiring shaking to continue firing
Includes safety glasses for added protection.
Glow beads work well and create a cool glow line when shooting.
Cool light-up feature that looks great at night.
Long battery life for extended playtime.
Comes with a laser and extra ammo containers.

5. HIJJPS Blaster – Cheap Best Orbeez Gun

The HIJJPS best Orbeez Gun is an awesome gel blaster that makes outdoor play super fun. It shoots eco-friendly gel balls that burst on impact, so it’s safe and exciting. You don’t have to worry about charging it – it’s ready to use right away! It’s a great gift for teens and anyone who loves thrilling and exciting fun.

Whether you’re playing with friends in the backyard or having epic battles with family, this gel blaster will bring endless fun and laughter.


  • Holds over 60,000 Gellets.
  • Fires up to 66 feet per second.
  • You can choose between manual and automatic firing.
  • Holds up to 300 Orbeez beads.


My experience with the HIJJPS best Orbeez Gun wasn’t as great as the other options I’ve tried. Here’s what I found:


  • Shooting range up to 66ft, which is decent.
  • Gellets burst on impact, making it fun to play with.
  • Easy to use and reload with an ergonomic design.

Not So Good:

  • Sometimes the shooting speed wasn’t very stable, maxing at around 50ft per second.
  • Not as precise for hitting targets from far away compared to other guns like the SRB1200.

So, the HIJJPS best Orbeez Gun had its ups and downs. While it wasn’t the best for long-range shooting, it still provided some thrilling moments on the gel-blasting field.

Bursting Gullets for explosive impact.Hopper capacity could be larger for prolonged battles.
Convenient rechargeable batteries and USB charger.Battery not long last.
Rapid shooting speed and high accuracy.
Upgraded gearbox and battery compartment for smooth performance.

6. Vasvarn B0B2P5XX3C Orbeez Gun (Best low Budget)

Introducing the Vasvarn B0B2P5XX3C best Orbeez Gun, your affordable gateway to thrilling Orbeez fun! It’s not just a gun; it’s a well-designed and budget-friendly blasting machine that makes you a game-changer in water warfare.

The gun has a smart feeding hopper, making ammo loading smooth and reliable. It holds around 800 gel bullets, so you won’t have to reload often during intense battles.

Precision is important, and this blaster nails it! It comes with an integrated laser sight that greatly improves aiming accuracy. The laser helps you hit targets with remarkable precision, adding a strategic element to your gameplay. Get ready for an enhanced shooting experience with this awesome and best Orbeez gun!


  • Convenient On/Off Button:
  • Easily control the blaster with a strategically placed button for quick firing.
  • Abundant Ammo:
  • Comes with a huge supply of 40,000 gel bullets, ensuring non-stop play without worrying about running out.


  • Incredible Shooting Velocity
  • Shoots up to 160 feet per second (FPS) for fast and powerful shots.
  • Swift and Accurate Shooting
  • Enables precise and quick targeting to take down opponents with ease.
  • Safety Glasses Included
  • Comes with safety glasses for protecting the eyes during play.
No risk of bruising or injuries during play.The gun is not compatible with Orbeez, use only recommended gel balls.
Provides reliable battery life and quick charging.Due to the stinging effect, goggles are necessary for eye protection.
Designed with a strong and sturdy construction.The gun has a restricted shooting range compared to other blasters.
Easy to carry and handle for kids.
Shoots rapid bursts for intense action.
Has a cool blowback action for added fun.
Built to last and withstand playtime.
Produces an exciting sound from the motor piston.

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7. NLFGUW Electric Blaster – Best AK-47 Orbeez Gun

The NLFGUW Electric Blaster is an awesome Ak47-style and best Orbeez gun. It’s seriously cool and perfect for outdoor games with friends.

The upgraded gearbox and gears make it smooth and realistic, giving you a sharpshooter feel. And with 60,000 gel balls, you’ll have plenty of ammo to crush your opponents in gel ball battles. It’s definitely worth checking out for some serious fun with your squad!


  • Holds a whopping 60,000 gel balls for non-stop action.
  • Shoots up to 66 feet, firing 5 rounds per second.
  • Semi-automatic mode for precise shooting.
  • Can hold up to 600 Orbeez beads at maximum capacity.


  • The NLFGUW Electric Blaster didn’t disappoint – it was wicked sick!
  • Fires gel balls faster than a cheetah on caffeine.
  • With 60,000 water beads, there’s enough ammo for days of play.
  • Gel balls are safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable.
  • Perfect for staying active while having fun with friends.
  • Although the range is 66 feet, it still offers value for money.
Upgraded gearbox and gears for smoother operation.The shooting range is limited to 66 feet.
Expedited replacement available within three months if the product stops working.which is some what bothersome during intense best Orbeez gun battles.
Includes safety goggles and a practice target for added protection.
Can improve goal skills, observation, and stamina while playing.
Comes with a large quantity of gel balls for long-lasting play.

8. Voswuen M4A1-Orbeez Gun (Best Choice)

Experience the power of the Voswuen M4A1 best Orbeez Gun, an incredible gadget that takes blasting to a whole new level. It’s not just a toy; it’s all about precision and customization to suit your shooting style.

The gun has a detachable orange muzzle that complies with US regulations, ensuring safety during public gaming.

You can personalize it with four attachment rails on the barrel for adding scopes, lasers, or grips for a unique shooting experience.

The receiver comes with an EOTech or holographic sight compatible rail. The included holographic sight offers clear aiming with green illumination, and you can detach it to match your play style.


  • Shoots over 100 feet, allowing safe targeting from a distance.
  • Ideal for paintball or airsoft with unmatched accuracy.
  • Provides comfort and customization for users of different sizes.
  • Allows easy adaptation to individual preferences.


  • Easily detachable with a simple twist and pull.
  • A lever ensures quick and secure stock attachment.
  • Flexibility to define your comfort level.
  • Combines safety, personalization, superior range, and user comfort in one unbeatable package.
Impressive shooting distance for hitting targets from afar. Semi-auto switch may not work for everyone.
Ergonomic design for a comfortable and powerful hold.Scope is more for display than functionality.
Occasional jams may occur.
Rated for 200+ FPS with precise shooting.Included clip magazine may be too small for some users.
Provides hours of fun without frequent recharging.Optimal performance requires soaking gel balls for 5-6 hours.
Includes safety glasses, battery, gel balls, and charger for convenience.
Built to last with a detailed and high-quality construction.
Ensures smooth and consistent feeding of gel balls.

9. Nerf Pro GELFIRE X Mr Beast Blaster – Best Uzi Orbeez Gun

The Nerf Pro Gelfire is an best Orbeez gun that shoots soft, burstable projectiles. It has a large 300-round hopper, a removable rechargeable battery, and shoots up to 10 rounds per second. This high-performance blaster with a Mr Beast inspired design is popular among teenagers and young.


  • Comes with 20,000 dehydrated rounds for extended play.
  • Shoots with high velocity for powerful shots.
  • Fires up to 10 rounds per second for fast action.
  • Offers full auto and semi-auto firing options.
  • Holds up to 300 rounds for continuous shooting.


  • Easy to use, even for extended periods.
  • Hydrated rounds are soft yet powerful.
  • Allows rapid firing and overwhelming opponents.
  • Removable rechargeable battery provides ample power for extended play.
  • Comes with a universal USB-A to USB-C fast charging cable.
  • 300-round hopper may require frequent refilling during intense gameplay.
  • Some users might prefer a larger hopper or the option to attach a drum for more rounds.
Sleek design with options for personalization.Comes with only 300 round hoppers.
Comes with extendable stock, removable barrel attachment, and tactical rails for further personalization.Protective eyewear may not fit all head sizes comfortably.
Trigger lock and protective eyewear included for added safety.
Removable rechargeable battery with fast charging cable.
Intuitive and easy to use.

How to Buy Best Orbeez Gun

Buying the best Orbeez gun shooting gun can be an exciting process. Here are some steps to help you make the right choice:

1. Research

Start by researching different Orbeez shooting guns available in the market. Look for reviews, features, and specifications to understand which model suits your preferences.

2. Determine Purpose

Consider how you plan to use the gun. Are you looking for outdoor fun, competitive play, or simply for casual shooting? Understanding the purpose will help you narrow down your options.

3. Shooting Range and Velocity

Check the shooting range and velocity of the gun. Higher velocity provides better accuracy and range, which can enhance your shooting experience.

4. Firing Modes

Decide whether you prefer a gun with full-auto, semi-auto, or manual firing modes. Each mode offers a different level of control and excitement.

5. Ammo Capacity

Look for a gun with an appropriate ammo capacity to match your playstyle. Some guns have large hoppers that hold more rounds, while others might require frequent reloading.

6. Safety Features

Ensure the gun comes with safety features like trigger locks and protective eyewear to keep you and others safe during play.

7. Comfort and Ergonomics

Consider the gun’s grip and overall comfort while holding and using it. An ergonomic design can make a significant difference in extended gameplay.

8. Budget

Set a budget that aligns with your preferences. Orbeez shooting guns come in various price ranges, so choose one that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

9. Brand Reputation

Look for reputable brands known for their quality and customer satisfaction. A trusted brand ensures a better overall experience.

10. Compare and Choose

Compare the features, pros, and cons of the guns you’re interested in, and make an informed decision based on your preferences and priorities.

By follow these steps, you can find the perfect Orbeez shooting gun that brings hours of fun and excitement to your playtime. Happy blasting!

(FAQ) – Best Orbeez Gun

1. What are Orbeez guns?

Best Orbeez guns are toy blasters that shoot soft, water-absorbent polymer balls called Orbeez. These gel balls burst upon impact, making them a safe and enjoyable alternative for outdoor play.

2. Are Orbeez guns safe to use?

Yes, Orbeez guns are generally safe to use when used responsibly and with proper safety precautions. The gel balls are soft and non-toxic, minimizing the risk of injury during gameplay. However, it’s essential to wear protective eyewear and follow manufacturer guidelines for safe play.

3. How do I load Orbeez into the gun?

Most Orbeez guns come with a hopper or magazine where you can load the gel balls. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure correct and smooth loading of Orbeez.

4. How far do Orbeez guns shoot?

The shooting range of Orbeez guns can vary depending on the specific model. Some guns have a range of around 50-100 feet, while others may reach even further distances. Check the product specifications to know the shooting range of your chosen gun.

5. Can I use other types of gel balls in my Orbeez gun?

It’s recommended to use the gel balls specifically designed for your Orbeez gun. Using different types of gel balls may affect the performance and safety of the gun. Always use the recommended gel balls provided by the manufacturer.

6. How do I maintain my Orbeez gun?

To ensure the longevity and performance of your Orbeez gun, regularly clean and dry it after use. Store it in a cool, dry place, and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture.

7. Can I use Orbeez guns indoors?

It’s generally best to use Orbeez guns outdoors or in well-ventilated areas due to the possibility of gel balls bouncing and scattering upon impact. Outdoor use ensures a safer and more enjoyable shooting experience.

8. Are Orbeez guns suitable for all ages?

Orbeez guns are typically recommended for children above a certain age, usually 8 years and older. However, parental supervision is advised for younger children to ensure safe play.

9. Can I customize my Orbeez gun?

Some Orbeez guns come with attachment rails, allowing users to add scopes, grips, or other accessories to customize their blasters. Check the product details to see if customization options are available.

10. What do I do if my Orbeez gun jams?

If your Orbeez gun jams during play, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clear the jam. Avoid using excessive force and seek assistance if needed. Regular maintenance can also help prevent jams.


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