Best jailbreak tweaks for IOS 12

Best jailbreak tweaks for IOS 12
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As iOS 13 is about to be released to the public soon, security researchers are focusing on it, which means the iOS 12 jailbreak is reaching its peak. Before that happens, let’s take a moment to look back on the past year and highlight some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 12 devices.

If you have a jailbroken iOS 12 device using Chimera by the Electra Team or uncover by Pwn20wnd, this list of tweaks is perfect for you. To make it easy to read, we’ll arrange IOS 12 tweaks free in alphabetical order.

Best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 12 List

  • Activator
  • Springtomize 4
  • Cylinder
  • Eclipse Dark Mode (iOS 12)
  • Xen HTML
  • ColorFlow 4
  • CallBar XS (iOS 12)
  • Filza File Manager
  • Noctis12
  • SwipeSelection
  • Cercube for YouTube
  • SnowBoard
  • iCleaner Pro
  • Artsy
  • AppSync Unified
  • TweakCompatible
  • Mitsuha Infinity
  • NoSubstitute (Electra)
  • NudeKeys
  • Barmoji
  • BioProtect XS
  • Anemone
  • iTransmission
  • BetterCCXI
  • Prysm

The Best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 12

Today, we have more than best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 12.4 to show you! These tweaks work on A12 and older devices, as long as you’ve jailbroken them. The availability of jailbreak firmware support depends on your device.

But in short, these are the best Sileo and Cydia tweaks for IOS 12 you can install right now! Whether you’re using iOS 12 to 12.4 on any device, you can enjoy most of these amazing jailbreak tweaks.

1. Activator

Activator is a beloved tweak that lets you create custom actions and shortcuts for various gestures and button combinations on your iOS device. For example, you can set a double-tap on the home button to open your favorite app, or you can assign a swipe-up gesture on the home screen to launch the Control Center. The possibilities are nearly endless, allowing you to tailor your device’s functionality to suit your needs.

2. Springtomize 4

Springtomize is an all-in-one customization tweak that gives you extensive control over the appearance and behavior of your iOS device. You can change the layout of your app icons, adjust animation speeds, customize the status bar, modify the lock screen, and much more. It’s like having multiple tweaks in one, simplifying the process of personalizing your device.

3. Cylinder

Cylinder is a fun and visually appealing tweak that replaces the traditional page-by-page app icon scrolling on the home screen with customizable animations. Instead of simple swiping, your app icons can rotate, bounce, and perform other cool effects as you scroll through the pages. It’s an excellent way to add some flair to your home screen and make it more enjoyable to navigate.

4. Eclipse Dark Mode (iOS 12)

Eclipse Dark Mode brings a system-wide dark theme to iOS 12, transforming the appearance of your device into a sleek and dark interface. This is particularly helpful for using your device in low-light conditions, as it reduces eye strain and conserves battery life on OLED displays.

5. Xen HTML

Xen HTML allows you to apply custom widgets and themes created using HTML to your device’s home screen and lock screen. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for customizing the look of your iOS interface. You can find and download various widget packs and themes created by the jailbreak community to give your device a unique and personalized touch.

6. ColorFlow 4

This tweak enhances the Music app by dynamically changing its color theme based on the album artwork of the currently playing song. As you switch between different tracks, the colors of the Music app’s interface smoothly transition to match the album cover, creating a more visually immersive music listening experience.

7. CallBar XS (iOS 12)

CallBar improves the way incoming calls and FaceTime calls are displayed on your iPhone. Instead of the usual full-screen takeover, calls appear as non-intrusive banners at the top of your screen, allowing you to continue using your device without interruption.

8. Filza File Manager

Filza is a powerful file manager that lets you access and modify files and directories on your iOS device. It provides a user-friendly interface for exploring your device’s file system, making it easier to manage and organize your files.

9. Noctis12

Noctis12 is similar to Eclipse Dark Mode, Noctis12 brings a system-wide dark mode to iOS 12 devices. However, Noctis12 offers additional customization options, allowing you to fine-tune the appearance of the dark mode to your preferences.

10. SwipeSelection

SwipeSelection is a handy tweak that enhances text editing on iOS devices. It allows you to use swiping gestures on the keyboard to move the cursor and select text more precisely, making editing and typing on your iPhone or iPad faster and more efficient.

11. Axon – FREE

Axon is a popular jailbreak tweak designed to enhance the notification system on iOS devices. It provides a clean and organized notification interface, grouping incoming notifications into a single stack for easy management. With Axon, users can quickly view and interact with notifications, allowing them to dismiss or take action on multiple notifications at once. This tweak simplifies the notification experience, making it more efficient and less overwhelming, especially for users who receive many notifications throughout the day.

12. BelleVolume

The volume control on iPhones can be annoying, but that’s why people create jailbreak tweaks to make it better. One such tweak is BelleVolume. It moves the volume indicator to the Status Bar at the top of the screen and allows you to change how it looks. This means you can customize the volume control to your liking and make it look cooler!

13. BioProtext XS (iOS 12)

BioProtect XS is a cool jailbreak tweak that adds an extra layer of security to your iOS device. With this tweak, you can use either Face ID or Touch ID to protect your apps on the Home screen. It means that only you can open those apps, and nobody else can access them without your permission. This way, you can keep your personal information and data safe from unauthorized access.

14. ChargeAnimation 

The default charging animation on iOS devices can be dull, but that’s where the jailbreak tweak ChargeAnimation comes in. It offers lots of fun and exciting charging animations that you can choose from. When you connect your device to a power source, you’ll see these cool animations, making the charging experience more enjoyable and interesting.

15. DNDAllow – FREE

DNDAllow is a jailbreak tweak that comes in handy when you have Do Not Disturb mode turned on, but you still want to receive notifications from specific apps. With this tweak, you can choose which apps are allowed to notify you even when the Do Not Disturb mode is active. It’s helpful when you want to silence most app notifications but still need to stay updated with important ones.

16. Cercube for YouTube

Cercube is a popular jailbreak tweak that enhances the YouTube app’s functionality, making it more powerful and feature-rich. One of its primary features is ad-blocking, which prevents annoying advertisements from interrupting your viewing experience. Additionally, Cercube enables background playback, allowing you to listen to audio from videos while using other apps or with the screen turned off. Another notable feature is video downloading, which permits you to save YouTube videos directly to your device’s storage for offline viewing. These features make Cercube a must-have tweak for YouTube enthusiasts, offering a seamless and enhanced YouTube experience for jailbroken iOS devices.

17. SnowBoard

SnowBoard is a lightweight and efficient theming engine for iOS devices. With SnowBoard, you can personalize and customize the look of your home screen by applying custom icon themes and user interface elements. It provides a wide range of themes created by the jailbreak community, enabling you to change the visual appearance of your app icons, folder icons, badges, and more. Unlike some other theming tweaks, SnowBoard is known for its speed and smooth performance, making it a popular choice for users who want to give their iOS device a fresh and unique look.

18. iCleaner Pro

iCleaner Pro is a valuable utility tweak that helps users optimize the performance and free up storage space on their iOS devices. It provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to clean unnecessary files, temporary data, cache, and other items that might be taking up valuable storage space. By removing these files, iCleaner Pro can help improve your device’s overall performance and responsiveness, ensuring smoother and faster operation. It’s a practical tool for users who want to maintain their iOS devices and keep them running at their best.

19. Artsy

Artsy is a tweak designed to enhance the Music app on iOS devices. With Artsy, you get a revamped and modern now-playing interface when listening to music. The tweak adds new visualizations that sync with the audio, creating a more immersive music listening experience. These visualizations move and change based on the music’s rhythm, adding an extra layer of excitement and enjoyment to your music sessions. Artsy brings a fresh and stylish look to the Music app, making it more visually appealing and engaging for users.

20. AppSync Unified

AppSync Unified is a well-known tweak that allows users to install and run unsigned or cracked apps on their jailbroken devices. While the primary purpose of this tweak is often associated with testing apps before purchasing or using modified versions of apps, it’s important to remember that using cracked apps without proper licensing might infringe on copyright laws and terms of service. Therefore, it’s essential to use AppSync Unified responsibly and ethically.

21. TweakCompatible

TweakCompatible is a handy tweak that simplifies the process of finding and installing tweaks that work with your specific iOS version and device. When browsing through Cydia or other package managers, TweakCompatible provides compatibility information for each tweak, letting you know if it’s safe to install on your current iOS setup. This feature is particularly helpful in avoiding potential issues and crashes caused by incompatible tweaks, ensuring a smoother jailbreaking experience.

22. Mitsuha Infinity

Mitsuha Infinity is a captivating tweak that adds audio visualizers to the Lock screen and Now Playing interface on iOS devices. When playing music, Mitsuha Infinity generates beautiful visualizations that dynamically change and synchronize with the audio. These mesmerizing visual effects enhance your music-listening experience, making it more enjoyable and visually appealing. Mitsuha Infinity is especially popular among music enthusiasts who want to add a touch of artistry to their iOS devices while jamming to their favorite tunes.

23. NoSubstitute (Electra)

NoSubstitute is a tweak designed for Electra jailbreak users to prevent tweak injection into specific apps. In some cases, certain tweaks might cause compatibility issues or crashes with particular apps. By using NoSubstitute, you can selectively disable tweak injection for those apps, isolating them from the influence of other tweaks. This feature can be beneficial in troubleshooting app-related problems and maintaining the stability of your jailbroken device.

25. NudeKeys

NudeKeys is a tweak that allows you to customize the appearance of the iOS keyboard. It offers a range of options to personalize the keyboard’s color, transparency, and other visual elements. With NudeKeys, you can create a keyboard look that matches your personal preferences or complements the theme you have applied to your iOS device. This level of customization lets you add a personal touch to your typing experience, making it more enjoyable and visually pleasing.

26. Barmoji

Barmoji is a tweak that enhances the iOS keyboard by adding a row of emoji icons to the bottom bar of the keyboard. This added row makes it easier to access and use emojis while typing, saving you the trouble of switching to the emoji keyboard for every smiley or symbol you want to use. Barmoji is a small but practical tweak that can significantly improve your emoji typing experience on iOS.

27. BioProtect XS

BioProtect XS is a powerful security tweak that utilizes your device’s biometric authentication, either Face ID or Touch ID, to protect specific apps on your iOS device. By enabling this feature, you can lock apps with biometric authentication, ensuring that only you can access them. This extra layer of privacy and security is particularly useful for protecting sensitive apps or personal data from unauthorized access.

28. Anemone

Anemone is a popular theming platform that allows users to apply custom themes, icon packs, and UI elements to their iOS devices. It offers extensive theming options, allowing users to completely transform the look and feel of their devices. Anemone is compatible with many other tweaks and widgets, making it a versatile choice for those who want to fully customize their iOS devices with a unique and personalized touch.

29. iTransmission

iTransmission is a torrent client tweak that enables users to download and manage torrent files directly on their iPhone or iPad. It provides a straightforward interface for adding torrent links or magnet URLs, and it supports background downloading, which allows you to continue downloading even when the app is not actively open. iTransmission is a convenient option for users who want to download and manage torrents on their iOS devices without the need for a computer.

30. BetterCCXI

BetterCCXI is a tweak designed to enhance the Control Center on iOS devices. It offers new customization options, allowing users to rearrange Control Center modules and improve overall functionality. With BetterCCXI, you can organize the Control Center to better suit your preferences and access essential features more efficiently. This tweak is especially useful for users who frequently use the Control Center and want to optimize its layout for quick and easy access to various settings.

31. Prysm

Prysm is a modern and feature-rich Control Center tweak that brings a redesigned and customizable interface to iOS devices. It offers an aesthetic upgrade to the Control Center, providing a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience. With Prysm, users can easily access toggles, settings, and media controls from the Control Center, making it a more convenient and functional hub for managing their iOS devices.


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